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DeepSoul: Barbara Mason - "Yes, I'm Ready"

An unsung pioneer of Philly Soul, Mason wrote a feminist-tinged song about first love.
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In 1980, disco star KC and vocalist Teri De Sario scored a pop and soft rock hit with "Yes, I'm Ready." What some may not realize is that that it is a cover of a 1965 single by Barbara Mason, which AllMusic now calls "an interesting minor soul performer." While she may not have achieved crossover success after that hit, Mason deserves to be acknowledged as a talented songwriter and a Philly Soul pioneer. Born and raised in Philadelphia, Mason sang in talent shows as a child and later teenager. Renowned producer and talent scout Weldon Arthur McDougal III recruited

DVD Review: The Ritchie Blackmore Story

This legendary guitarist's story is told here for the first time.
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To say Ritchie Blackmore is one of the giants of rock guitar would be an understatement yet; only this year did he finally receive the honor of being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of his former band, Deep Purple. He is a virtuoso, yet remains a musician's musician. He has played on some of the most memorable rock tracks of all time, both with Deep Purple and with Rainbow and has fused Renaissance music with rock as a member of Blackmore's Night. While much has been said of his many bands (and the

DeepSoul Salutes Maurice White: "I Need You"

Honor the Earth, Wind & Fire founder by listening to his 1985 solo debut and a powerful ballad.
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On February 3, the music world suffered yet another unimaginable loss: Maurice White, the founder and chief force behind the pioneering group Earth, Wind & Fire. DeepSoul pays tribute to this tremendous talent by revisiting a column from 2013 profiing his underrated (and too brief) solo career. Maurice White may be best known as the founder of Earth, Wind, and Fire. What some fans may not remember, however, is that he launched a solo career in the mid-eighties that produced three moderately successful singles. One such song, "I Need You," showcases his powerful voice and stands as an underrated soul

CD Review: Alan Price - Savaloy Dip

Alan Price's lost classic finally sees the light of day.
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The tale of Alan Price's 1974 LP, Savaloy Dip, is a curious one indeed. A founding member and keyboardist for The Animals, Price was in the midst of a promising solo career when Dip was recorded. What happened next is a matter of opinion and speculation. A March 1974 issue of Circular magazine called Savaloy Dip "every bit as good as O Lucky Man!" yet only one track from the album appeared on his next album, which was not Savaloy Dip but, rather, Between Today And Yesterday. Making matters more confusing, Savaloy Dip was briefly released officially -- on 8-track