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EP Review: Lord Sonny The Unifier - All New Information

Lord Sonny The Unifier return with a diverse new EP.
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Following the release of their psychedelic-infused single, "(All My Friends) Live Underground," Lord Sonny The Unifier returns with a four-track EP, All New Information. The EP includes the aforementioned track, plus three additional cuts, "Knockout," "Pay The Man (When You Leave)," and "I Love You World." All four songs show a great deal of diversity and a willingness to experiment musically. "Knockout" leads things off and showcases a melodic, danceable groove with edgy vocals and a memorable chorus. Rock guitars and heavy effects mix with a healthy dose of bass on this standout track. The video shows multiple clips of

Single Review: Erich Mrak - "No Ways"

Erich Mrak combines genres in his smooth new single.
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Erich Mrak's latest single, "No Ways," started out as a country/pop song before he did some radical rearranging to the track. Now the track boasts heavily chorused guitars over a modern R&B beat with electronic music elements and autotune creeping in. The changes work and, arguably, make the song more interesting. Mrak's vocals alternate between falsetto and his regular voice in this laid back number about a friend expressing his or her romantic feelings when they have maybe had too much to drink for the night. The song is melodic and laid back, in spite of its heavy subject matter,

Single Review: Lord Sonny The Unifier - "(All My Friends) Live Underground"

Lord Sonny The Unifier delivers a rocking new single with "(All My Friends) Live Underground"
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Distorted guitars and psychedelic production colors the new single from New York rockers Lord Sonny The Unifier "(All My Friends) Live Underground." The song, which is from the group's EP All New Information, mixes heavy guitars and distorted, electronic noises and vocals with a melodic, psychedelic-influenced chorus. Vocalist Greg Jiritano delivers a gritty, edgy vocal and strong killer lead guitar playing in an era where there sadly is not much of that anymore. Jiritano adds some trippy keyboards for good measure and is joined on backing vocals by Amy Gordon. The song, which is about the misfits of the world