A Novel Soundtrack: A Matchbox Twenty Double Play

"But if the bright lights don't receive you ... You should turn yourself around and come on home" Two Matchbox 20 Songs are included on my All That's Unspoken Playlist.
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My writing muse is closely tied to my love of music. For me, a big part of writing my novel is having a solid soundtrack that plays in the background while I'm writing.

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They are songs that speak of the theme of the book or perfectly reflect the characters journey.

For my most recent novel, All That's Unspoken, I've already shared "Same Old Lang Syne" with you. Today, I would like to share two Matchbox Twenty songs that are also on the soundtrack: "If You're Gone" and "Bright Lights"

"If You're Gone"

One of the reasons this song has always been a favorite of mine is the intense emotion. You can hear the desperate plea as the lyrics are sung. He doesn't want to give up on the relationship, but somewhere inside he knows it's already over.

Has been for a while.

It's a relatable experiance, especially for the hero of my book.

"I think I've already lost you
I think you're already gone
I think I'm finally scared now
You think I'm weak
I think you're wrong"

I believe those words perfectly describe what's going on in the head of my hero, Nate. The woman who has been pounding on the door of his heart after returning to town for the holidays is the same who left him behind eight years earlier to pursue a dream in the big time. The unintended consequenses was that she shattered his heart.

As much as he'd like to forget the pain and move forward, those memories and hurts are pretty deeply engrained.

The song says "If  you're gone, baby you need to come home" and that's what Hailey does. Nate is just not quite ready to forget the past.

"Bright Lights"

For me, this song is almost an extension of "If You're Gone." Even though they do not appear on the same album, I can envision them being written about the same person or incident. In "Bright Lights" the woman the singer cares about has run off to the big city...just like Hailey in All That's Unspoken.

"Baby, baby, baby when all your love is gone
Who will save me from all I'm up against out in this world
And maybe, maybe, maybe
You'll find something that's enough to keep you
But if the bright lights don't receive you
You should turn yourself around and come on home"

Subway_train_125th.jpgMost people from my generation know that "baby, baby, baby" line. It's an iconic plea from a broken heart to the person who shattered it.

For the hero in All That's Unspoken, Nate, I can imagine he had it on a loop on his iPod after Hailey left him to go to school in New York City.  "Bright Lights" was a song that felt like it was created for the soundtrack to this book: a hero left behind while a heroine chases her dreams.

In my book, she's followed the last line of the quoted lyrics. She's come back home. While some things are exactly as she remembered, Nate isn't.

His self-esteem has been damaged, and Hailey fears she's to blame.

Even though Nate wanted her to come home and give their relationship another shot, he never really believed it would happen. He's wounded and is unwilling to take a chance...until Hailey begins to dismantle that wall he's built around him and his daughter brick by brick. 

So far I've shared three songs from my playlist with you: One plotline and two from Nate's perspective. Next time, I'll bring you something from Hailey's playlist.