Barrett Martin Group Unveil Artwork, Tracklisting for 'Artifact,' Due May 15

Martin follows 'Atlas' with 'Artifact'...
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Barrett Martin Group - Artifact May 15The Barrett Martin Group will release their second album May 15 when Artifact and have unveiled the artwork as well as tracklisting for the 14-song followup to last year's debut Atlas: Latitudes, which will be released through Martin's own Sunyata Records label.

Artifact was conceived of as a companion piece to the debut and many of the ideas for these songs originated during those sessions, even if they weren't completely arranged, recorded, or mixed until after that set's release. Following the release of Atlas, BMG played a series of shows in the Seattle area where they are headquartered.

Martin has been exceptionally busy of late, performing with his band and conceiving of two albums worth of new material. He also spent time putting the finishing touches on the farewell album from his former band Screaming Trees, Last Words, which he also released through his label last year.

I don't want to give too much away too early but the idea of Atlas as a jumping off point for Artifact is a good metaphor for the relationship between the two albums because these new songs take the foundation of the debut and launch into new musical terrain and take unexpected turns.

The most obvious difference between the two records is the presence of Mehnaz Hoosein. She provides vocals, chants, and incantations on a handful of songs. BMG again features trumpeter Dave Carter, guitarist Paul Fischer, and bassist Kevin Hudson. Joe Doria piano and John Rangel both regular Martin collaborators provide piano and Fender Rhodes, respectively, on one track apiece with Nathan Spicer handling piano, Hammond B3 organ, and Fender Rhodes on the remainder of the album. Ben Thomas adds vibraphone and Ed Ulman trombone while Martin drums. He also plays gamelans, clay flutes, and other assorted percussion instruments.

Here is the complete tracklisting for Barrett Martin Group's Artifacts, due May 15:

  1. Float Like A Butterfly
  2. Way Down
  3. Intersections
  4. Lotus Eater
  5. Sama Sama
  6. Voodoo Charm
  7. Dark Forest
  8. Ghost Mountain
  9. Sarasvati
  10. Rainmaker
  11. Ichcha
  12. Incandescere
  13. Cannibal
  14. Sanbusco