BlindedBySound Music Television: The Gutter Twins - "All Misery/Flowers"

Better late than never...
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The Gutter Twins - Mark Lanegan & Greg Dulli

I never got around to reviewing The Gutter Twins Saturnalia record when it was released despite my obvious, abiding love for the dark genius of Mark Lanegan. I spent hours listening to this collaboration with Greg Dulli and was spellbound by the mysteries they weaved into those songs. I get to partially correct an oversight today by talking about one of my favorite songs from that record, filing it in the "Better Late Than Never" department.

I've been in love with the gravely rasp and growl of the great Lanegan for better than 15 years now; he never disappoints and on "All Misery/Flowers," he surprised. He's not rapping here but there's a rhythmic cadence to the way he presents these verses that stands in contrast to his usual delivery and, naturally, I love it. I also love the line "little girls might twitch at the way I hitch." I think we all know what he means and I've never heard it put that way – not saying it hasn't been done – and it's certainly not a line typical of Lanegan's previous work. That's actually what's most remarkable about this particular song: the number of ways of this feels different and yet makes sense in the context of his larger body of work.