Brandi Carlile: More from Bear Creek (Video)

We learn more about the making of Brandi Carlile's upcoming release, Bear Creek
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Our obsession with the new Brandi Carlile record continues. We've already given you our thoughts on Bear Creek, which is set for release on June 5th. Now we thought we'd give you some additional information on how the record was made - and how you can get your hands on some pretty cool pre-order items.

Brandi Carlile - Bear Creek - June 5 - Making Of - VideoAs fans, we usually spend time reading all about how a record was made before actually getting to hear it. But when the oh-so-kind folks at Columbia Records sent us an advance copy of Bear Creek, all research was thrown aside to make room for the sweet sweet sounds of Brandi. Now that the record has been on constant rotation for a few weeks - it's time to revisit learning about the making of this gorgeous little record.

Sharing directly with her fans via Facebook, Brandi talks about the experience from her own perspective: "Making this record was so much fun that we actually felt like we were getting away with something! We all wrote songs outside of our respective genres, we sang and laughed really loud, we played instruments that we didn’t know how to play, we played tricks on Josh and in the end, I turned 30.......If The Goonies had made a record, it would have sounded like this." That element of fun comes through on the record, and you can hear a group of people who really love the art of creating music together. Continuing with the theme of getting away with something, Brandi summarizes the adventure: "Bear Creek felt like a sleepover with no parents to keep us in line and although we missed the big guys, we got to have our way in the studio." 

And have their own way they did. In the comfort of their home state of Washington, the band made a record that's anything but safe. It's not easily defined. It doesn't fit into a nice, neat genre. It doesn't follow all of the rules. Yet it works - flawlessly. Bear Creek tells a story - the story of a band that made the record they wanted to make and did it in their own quirky way.

As we await the official release of Bear Creek, Brandi is giving fans the chance to pre-order the record - and lots of other great BC goodies. From autographed pre-orders of the album, to vinyl, to autographed guitars and songbooks…fans can get their hands on a limited number of rarities from the artist herself. Fans wishing to peruse the BC pre-order options can do so here:  

Here's a great video that captures the musical Goonies behind the scenes in the studio - and tells us more about the significance of the Bear Creek studio and the influence of Trina Shoemaker. 

And here's a video of the band performing "Hard Way Home" live at the Bear Creek studios (courtesy of our friends at Spinner). She sings it herself folks, she "never did learn how to follow rules" - and in the case of Bear Creek, it pays off big time. As we've said before, this record is one of the best of 2012, and we look forward to the rest of the world discovering it.