Bruce Springsteen Berlin, Germany Setlist May 30, 2012

A promise kept tonight...
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Bruce Springsteen - Berlin, Germany - Setlist - May 30, 2012 - Wrecking Ball World TourIt's the last night in Germany for Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band and the big story in Berlin tonight is the tour premiere of "Save My Love," first officially released on the 2-CD The Promise released as part of the Darkness On The Edge Of Townreissue. Little Steve Van Zandt has been swearing up and down songs from The Promise would be played on the Wrecking Ball tour but they have been scarce. We got one tonight and it's among my favorites from that set. Here's to hoping there's more where that came from…

The show opened with "When I Leave Berlin," apparently a cover of a Wizz Jones song. Ahhh… every famous city has a song and every band has to play that song when they come through. I live in Alabama and I want a state law passed prohibiting anyone including Lynyrd Skynyrd from playing "Sweet Home Alabama" in my presence. My friends in Chicago want an injunction against "Sweet Home Chicago." I wonder if the folks in Berlin are over "When I Leave Berlin."

The rest of the setlist follows the basic shell of recent shows. I'm not saying that dismissively (merely stating the obvious). The Apollo Medley seems to have largely disappeared of late but another cover is taking its place somewhere in the setlist, tonight it's "Seven Nights To Rock" (again) in the encore.

Tonight's Berlin show was the last in Germany. The band heads back to Spain for what seems like the 11th time (they've played more shows in Spain than they have west of the Mississippi on this tour) and then it's on to Portugal and Italy.

  1. When I Leave Berlin (Wizz Jones cover)
  2. We Take Care of Our Own
  3. Wrecking Ball
  4. Badlands
  5. Death To My Hometown
  6. My City Of Ruins
  7. Spirit In The Night
  8. Hungry Heart (Sign)
  9. Trapped (Sign)
  10. Jack Of All Trades
  11. Youngstown
  12. Johnny 99
  13. Working On The Highway
  14. Shackled A Drawn
  15. Waiting on a Sunny Day
  16. Save My Love
  17. The River
  18. The Rising
  19. Lonesome Day
  20. We Are Alive
  21. Thunder Road
    ### ### ### 
  22. Rocky Ground
  23. Born in the USA
  24. Born to Run
  25. Glory Days
  26. Seven Nights to Rock
  27. Dancing in the Dark
  28. Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out