Bruce Springsteen Discusses 'Wrecking Ball' In Brand New Digital Film, Continues European Tour

The stories behind the songs go well beyond the current economic turmoil...
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Wrecking Ball: A Conversation with Bruce Springsteen” by Thom Zimny

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band are continuing their trek across Spain (playing the longest set of his career last night in Madrid) and occasionally playing elsewhere in Europe. Springsteen is promoting the solo album he released earlier this year, Wrecking Ball, and has now released a short interview/documentary film about the themes of the record and why they continue to resonate with him and recur in his work.

The rock icon no longer achieves the same commercial success he did at the different peaks in his 40 year career, but this latest album has been largely well received. Springsteen has referred to it as an angry record, going so far as to suggest it the angriest record of his career.

The source of that anger can be traced to headlines about the economy and his view of an America with an increasing gulf between the haves and the havenots. Many of the Wrecking Ball songs -- "We Take Care Of Our Own," "Rocky Ground," and "Death To My Hometown" -- were written before the so-called Occupy movement ignited but could serve as a soundtrack album and rallying cry for those who have taken to the streets. 

These are not new themes in Springsteen's work in part because they're not new in America and in part because they shaped and defined his youth in New Jersey. He may not have had to struggle to make ends meet in a very long time, but the impact of the struggles of his formative years remain fresh in his mind, as he discusses in this film.

Hear The Boss discuss his new record and the inspiration behind it. His next show is tomorrow (June 19) in France before three shows in the UK.