Bruce Springsteen Goes Epic With Setlist in Frankfurt, Germany: May 25, 2012

Nearly 3 1/2 hours and 30 songs tonight in Germany...
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Bruce Springsteen - Frankfurt Germany - Wrecking Ball Setlist - May 25, 2012You best have worn some sensible shoes if you were in Frankfurt tonight with the E Street Band! Bruce Springsteen has been reaching back to the days of yore on this European stretch and tonight's setlist clocked in at nearly 3 1/2 hours and 30 songs. Can you dig that? I knew that you could!

Let's take a look at the particulars… I love the three-song stretch early in the show of "My City Of Ruins," "Spirit In The Night," and "E Street Shuffle." There is another strong trio with "Youngstown," "Darkness On The Edge Of Town," and "Johnny 99" which gets killed when he throws in "Working On The Highway." I wish I understood why he can't forget that one and "Lonesome Day," which was back tonight. I do, however, love "The River" and "The Rising" back to back. What an emotional punch those two songs are. I actually quite like "Lonesome Day" and it would fit well in with those if he didn't play it so fucking often.

The encore is where things got fast and loose and made the whole thing a lot of fun. "Sherry Darling" isn't my favorite River tune but it made its tour premiere sandwiched between "Cadillac Ranch" and "Glory Days," meaning we get three really fun songs on the heels of "Born To Run" and "Born In The USA." I love that. "Cadillac Ranch" should be played as often as "Lonesome Day" is; I just can't hear it often enough. It's a shame tonight is the first time it has been played all tour but what a way to premiere it! Brilliant!

New songs, warhorses, fun songs, rock songs- this is a pretty crazy stadium set list. I'd like a little more on the rarity and intensity scale but, seriously, this would have been a killer show and my throat and legs would have been shot after this one. I get tired just looking at it. The band got a few days off to rev up for this one (although it wasn't as relaxing a stand for Stevie Van Zandt, who lost his mother this past week. Our condolences, Stevie) and they went straight for the throat. Can you imagine if he brings these epic shows to Fenway and Wrigley Field this summer? Stick around folks, this could get good.

  1. Badlands
  2. We Take Care of Our Own
  3. Wrecking Ball
  4. Out in the Street
  5. Death To My Hometown
  6. My City of Ruins
  7. Spirit in the Night
  8. E Street Shuffle
  9. Jack of all Trades
  10. Youngstown
  11. Darkness on the Edge of Town
  12. Johnny 99
  13. Working on the Highway
  14. Shackled and Drawn
  15. Waiting on a Sunny Day
  16. Summertime Blues
  17. The Promised Land
  18. The River
  19. The Rising
  20. Lonesome Day
  21. We Are Alive
  22. Thunder Road
    ### ### ### 
  23. Rocky Ground
  24. Born in the USA
  25. Born To Run
  26. Cadillac Ranch (SIGN)
  27. Sherry Darling (SIGN)
  28. Glory Days (SIGN)
  29. Dancing in the Dark
  30. Tenth Avenue Freeze Out