Bruce Springsteen Manchester UK Setlist - June 22, 2012

Hits and misses as the 'Wrecking Ball' tour rolls along...
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Bruce Springsteen Machester UK England June 22, 2012 6/22/12 Wrecking Ball Tour SetlistThere's a lot of laziness going. I once again skipped a Springsteen show set list because he didn't care enough to make it interesting and I didn't care enough to write about it but tonight is different because our good friend Aaron McMullan was in attendance at tonight's show and because there are actually a few songs in the set list that make this one worth further consideration.

I would have been ready to knife myself two songs in when "No Surrender" comes out but let's skip past that and look at the run that includes "Spirit In The Night," "E Street Shuffle," "Atlantic City," and "Prove It All Night" with the mythical '78 intro from the Darkness tour. "Jack of All Trades" from Wrecking Ball and "Two Hearts" from The River are also part of this suite of songs and that's a pretty nice little run, especially "Atlantic City." I've had a difficult time understanding why he hasn't played that more often on a tour in support of a record about economic struggle.

After a nice run of songs, everything is killed deader than fried chicken with "Darlington County" and "Waiting On A Sunny Day" but that becomes a prelude to another great suite.

"Save My Love," from The Promise, and a solo piano version of "The Promise" are played back-to-back. There's going to be some division among Bruce fans about this latter one regarding the arrangement. Bruce played this song solo piano a few times on the reunion tour and fans have been clamoring for a full band version of it, which finally surfaced onThe Promise as part of the Darkness On The Edge Of Town reissue/box set. The truth is, I'm a fan of both versions of the song and he can play it any way he wants and I'm going to be happy. I give a slight edge to the solo piano version, so this is right up my alley but there are some fans who'd have preferred the rest of the band take part. After those two, we get "The River" and "The Rising." This is where Bruce usually fucks it up and he did… but let's give him credit, he did it in a different yet equally predictable way: "Out In The Streets" (this song is abbreviated OITFS when 11 and I refer to it in email or text message).

The encore has been pretty staid over the course of the European leg of this tour and it didn't deviate much tonight. We get "Born To Run" and "Tenth Avenue Freeze Out." We're good there. "Thunder Road" and "Dancing In The Dark" are also present (groovy). So is fucking "Bobby Jean" (asshole). The treat of this encore is "Cadillac Ranch," which he just refuses to play as often as he should (I repeat, asshole).

All told, we have a 30-song set with a couple of sweet suites and some painful moments interspersed. Overall, this one looks like a win to me. I hope our man Aaron had a marvelous time at his first Springsteen show and hope he checks in with us to tell us what it was like from his vantage point. In the meantime, here is the full set list.

1. Badlands
2. No Surrender
3. We Take Care Of Our Own
4. Wrecking Ball
5. Death To My Hometown
6. My City Of Ruins
7. Spirit In The Night
8. The E Street Shuffle
9. Jack Of All Trades
10. Atlantic City
11. Prove It All Night ('78 intro)
12. Two Hearts
13. You Can Look (But You Better Not Touch)
14. Darlington County
15. Shackle and Drawn
16. Waiting on a Sunny Day
17. Save My Love
18. The Promise (solo piano)
19. The River
20. The Rising
21. Out in the Street
22. Land of Hope and Dreams

23. We Are Alive
24. Thunder Road
25. Born to Run
26. Bobby Jean
27. Cadillac Ranch
28. Dancing in the Dark
29. Tenth Avenue Freeze Out
30. Twist & Shout