Bruce Springsteen Sevilla, Spain Setlist: May 13, 2012

A long and winding road that leads to very little...
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Bruce Springsteen - Sevilla, Spain - Seville, Spain - May 13, 2012 Setlist 5/13/12

Bruce Springsteen kicked off the European leg of his Wrecking Ball tour in Sevilla, Spain and according to reports you could have swung a wrecking ball in some areas of the venue and not hit a soul. It turns out those not in attendance didn't miss much.

The setlist for tonight's show was unremarkable, heavy on songs from Born In The USA. That doesn't mean it didn't have its highlights it did but the "wow" moment just didn't happen despite this being a 27-song show. Put differently there were a whole lot of "wow" moments as in: "Wow, is he serious with this?"

The highlights would be "Because The Night," "Candy's Room," and "The Ties That Bind." "Trapped" was played tonight as a sign request and it, too, is a good one. "She's The One" isn't a rarity but it always rocks hard on stage.

There was a tour premiere: "I'm Going Down." Maybe there shouldn't be a first time for everything. "Darlington County," "Bobby Jean," and "Dancing In The Dark" were also played, bringing the BITUSA total to four. The Rising Part 1 and 2 were both played: "The Rising" and "Lonesome Day" and while I don't have picture evidence to support it, I'm sure some kid sang "Waiting On A Sunny Day."

I don't know if I can convey just how dissatisfying and unimpressive this set list is. Go look at Newark and Detroit from the US leg and compare them to this. I hope this is just an Atlanta situation where, despite being 20 shows into the tour, the band decided to warm up and ease into things to kick off the run. The European debt crisis just got worse, kids, because Bruce owes these fans a refund or an actual show.

  1. Badlands
  2. We Take Care of Our Own
  3. Wrecking Ball
  4. The Ties That Bind
  5. Death to my Hometown
  6. My City of Ruins
  7. Trapped
  8. Out in the Street
  9. Jack of All Trades
  10. Candy’s Room
  11. She’s the One
  12. Darlington County
  13. Shackled and Drawn
  14. Waitin’ On A Sunny Day
  15. Promised Land
  16. Apollo Medley
  17. Because the Night
  18. The Rising
  19. Lonesome Day
  20. We are Alive
  21. Land of Hope and Dreams
    ### ### ### 
  22. Rocky Ground
  23. I'm Going Down
  24. Born To Run
  25. Dancing in the Dark
  26. Bobby Jean
  27. Tenth Avenue Freeze Out