Bruce Springsteen Wrecking Ball Tour Setlist July 9, 2012 Zurich, Switzerland

This is not a joke so please stop smiling...
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It was the best of shows; it was the worst of shows. Wow, Zurich! I have no idea what to make of what happened in your fair city on this Wrecking Ball tour…

The show opens with the tour premiere of "Don't Look Back" from the Tracks box set, a sign request for "Growin' Up," "Save My Love" from The Promise, and a big surprise in the form of a solo piano version of "If I Should Fall Behind," from the Lucky Town record. I can't believe Bruce "saw" that sign. I'm betting that solo piano performance was fantastic. I've always loved that song.

Bruce Springsteen | Zurich, Switzerland | July 9, 2012 | Wrecking Ball Tour Setlist

Did I mention requests? I think I'm on pretty safe ground when I say you're not one of God's children if you bring a sign to hear "Working On A Dream" as opposed to, say, just about anything else in the Springsteen canon. What in the name of sweet Noah's nutsack would make someone do that on purpose? That's depraved. That's a premeditated crime against- well, I'd say humanity but I'm talking about us Springsteen fans. It's still stupid and wrong and in the land of soccer riots, I hope the asshole what did this at least considered asking for police protection afterwards. Unbelievable. I'm embarrassed for this imbecile and for Bruce; that song and accompanying record are just awful.

Not only do we have WOAD, we have WOASD, the only song not from Wrecking Ball played at every show this tour. That's right: classic warhorses like "Badlands," "The Promised Land," "Born To Run," "Tenth Avenue Freeze Out," and "Thunder Road" have been played less frequently than "Waiting On A Sunny Day!" Even non-classic warhorses like "Bobby Jean," "Darlington County," and "Out In The Streets get the occasional night off! What gives? You’re looking at it!

Bruce Springsteen writes songs about being pissed at his father, racing cars, and chasing skirt. His alter ego "Uncle Bruce" sings nonsense, turd pop songs that have no chorus and brings kids on stage to do face painting and make balloon animals with them (along with "Aunt Patti" and the 350-member E Street Band Flying Circus). Bruce Springsteen would beat Uncle Bruce's ass with a tire iron. It's a shame we can't find him. Every picture tells a story and this one is stupid. Souldeath.

Dear Bruce Springsteen, Please Stop Playing

  1. Don't Look Back
  2. Badlands
  3. The Ties That Bind
  4. We Take Care of Our Own
  5. Wrecking Ball
  6. Death To My Hometown
  7. My City of Ruins
  8. Spirit In The Night
  9. Working On A Dream (request)
  10. Growin' Up (request)
  11. Save My Love (request)
  12. Jack of All Trades
  13. Youngstown
  14. Johnny 99
  15. Workin' On The Highway
  16. Shackled & Drawn
  17. Waiting On a Sunny Day
  18. The Promised Land
  19. If I Should Fall Behind (Solo Piano) (request)
  20. The River
  21. The Rising
  22. Out In The Streets
  23. Land Of Hopes And Dreams
    ### ### ###
  24. We Are Alive
  25. Born In The USA
  26. Born To Run
  27. Hungry Heart
  28. Seven Nights To Rock
  29. Dancing In The Dark
  30. Tenth Avenue Freeze Out
  31. Twist & Shout