CD Review: David Cook - This Loud Morning

An uneven effort from the former American Idol winner...
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This Loud MorningDavid Cook had me at hello... literally. I first thought he looked like a scrubby wannabe when he was introduced to us on American Idol in the winter of 2007, but after he put a new spin on the classic Lionele Richie song "Hello" I became a fan. Season 7 as a good year for Idol with contestants like Carly Smithson, Brooke White, Michael Johns, and David Cook. It is one of the most enjoyable seasons in the history of Idol, if you ask me. And when that nasal voiced, daddy's boy, David Archuleta made it into the finals against Cook, there was no doubt in my mind who would win.

David's first album, David Cook, was as solid a first effort by an American Idol winner as any. It had good catchy tunes, a solid lead single in "Light On," and really showed off David's musical ability. When I first heard about This Loud Morning on American Idol, I was excited to hear it. When he played the first song from it on Idol, I was worried as it didn't sound great (I blame Idol's shitty sound engineers though). So, now that I have the album in hand, how do I like it? Let's go through this one, track-by-track, in order.

The album kicks off with "Circadian" which is a smooth rocking tune. I think it is a good opener for the album and sets a good pace. "Right Here, With You" is next and honestly I am not high on this song at all. The music sounds fast, the lyrics slow. It just doesn't mesh in my ears.

"We Believe" has a nice vibe, but David pronounces believe oddly during the chorus and for some reason that drives me crazy. "Be live" is how it sounds. Aside from that I do enjoy the song.

I really like the music of "Fade Into Me," but the lyrics are just awful. Could it be any more cliche? I expect more out of a good ballad than this. Fortunately, "Hard To Believe" is an improvement. The lyrics and arrangement are much better.  "Take Me As I Am" gives us a third ballad in a row. There is something to be said about spacing them. This one falls somewhere between "Fade Into Me" and "Hard To Believe." It's not bad, but it's nothing special. I do like the piano part to separate all the action going on.

"Time Marches On" is a nice break from the ballads and opens with vocals and a staccato music track. It is more upbeat but still a ballad, folks. Aside from the double negative (a pet peave of mine), this is a good song.

"Last Goodbye" is the most rocking song on the album to this point. I like the lyrics, the premise of the song, and the music. It sounds so much better than what we got on American Idol and it's easily my favorite tune on the album to this point.

I really like the music behind "Paper Heart." Musically it is the best song on the album. The lyrics work and are good, but the music makes this song.

I can't begin to describe how absolutely stupid I find the lyrics (specifically the chorus) to "4 Letter Word." LOVE is a four-letter word. Gee, thanks, Dave. I can't even listen to this song again. Even The Count on Sesame Street is embarrassed for you.

"Goodbye To The Girl" is up next and we are back to the ballads. Aside for some lazy lyrics, this is a good song with some nice percusssion.

"Rapid Eye Movement" closes out the album, and even though the name implies something rapid we get another slow tune. Not a big fan of the song at all and feel it isn't really what I would have closed the album with.

Overall, this album is a major step down from his debut. It's got a few good songs on it, but the majority of the album is as forgettable as season six of American Idol (that season sucked about as much as Antonella Barba after a few drinks). After a solid debut album, I was hoping for more out of David Cook. Unfortunately I am dissapointed with This Loud Morning. Let's hope album number three brings out the inner rock star in David Cook. Until then, I will just put this one away.