CD Review: Laura Wilde - Sold My Soul

The hard rocking debut from Australia's newest import.
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Laura Wilde - Sold My SoulAustralian import Laura Wilde’s debut album, Sold My Soul mixes hard-charging, Joan Jett-influenced rockers that betray the singer/guitarist’s young age of 22. People have started to take notice. Wilde recently landed the opening slot on Ted Nugent’s tour and she certainly holds her own.

The album opens with the sounds of a motorcycle revving before slamming into the up-tempo rocker, “All Alone.” Wilde delivers a cutting solo over the punk-inspired track. A multi-instrumentalist, Wilde did all the vocals, guitar, bass and drums on the album.

The title track features a sleazy riff that recalls the glam rock era of the 70s and a vocal that shows off her Jett influence. It’s not all derivative here though. Wilde takes the styles of the past and updates them, making them her own and adding a harder edge to the tracks.

“Freeek!” finds Wilde reveling in being the bad girl and meeting her match. The track has a grungy/garage sound and Wilde offers an impassioned vocal.  “Back Seat” is about as close as Wilde gets to a pop song with its melodic chorus. While the track might be too heavy for pop radio and too pop for rock radio, it remains a highlight on the disc. Wilde could have easily traded on her looks and gone the pop route and that’s what makes the fact she is a rocker so refreshing.

Many of the songs are about relationships or hooking up, but “For You,” finds Wilde as the jaded ex lover and she is convincing in her performance. Whether real or imaginary, she sells the pain of her breakup well on the track.

In today’s day of manufactured pop princesses, it’s refreshing to find someone like Laura Wilde who isn't afraid to rock, and does it well. While the lyrical scope may be a bit limited, it’s part of what makes the album work. Wilde’s not trying to be something she’s not. Sold My Soul is an impressive debut from this newcomer.