Chris Rene Opens Up About 'I'm Right Here' EP, Future Tour, Album Plans

BlindedBySound gets another exclusive interview with X Factor finalist Chris Rene
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Chris Rene released his debut album I'm Right Here on October 2, making him the first of last season's The X Factor top 3 to do so. I spoke to him in July about the upcoming disc and future plans, this time we conducted the interview via email and he divulged touring plans and how the title I'm Right Here came about.

Chris ReneI wanted to ask about the title I'm Right Here – is that a reference to when on The X Factor you told LA and Simon “I will always be right here”?

Exactly, it was the 1st time I had shown my music to some of the biggest names in the Music & TV business. And "Im Right Here" is me saying that ill always be here. Right Here!

Your brother Gabriel and sister Gina had a hand in this EP as well, was that the plan all along or did it happen organically? Well it was pretty much organic for us to work together. We all Love to write and produce music and we’ve been doing it together our whole lives.

The arrangement of the songs, with “Chains” starting us off and “Young Homie” closing us out (for those with the down-loadable version) was pretty perfect as was the placement of “Trouble” about halfway in, was that up to the label or producers or did you have a say in the order as well? The order of the EP was a collective decision and we put a lot of thought into it. I imagined how I’d want to hear it.

Is the finished product close to what you'd imagined it would be? Anything you'd add to change now that you've heard it in its completion?

I am extremely proud of the finished product. I learned a lot about this process. This is the just the beginning and glimpse into what’s to come. I can’t wait to get more involved in the producing side of my own music.

The unmistakable theme in the album is positive thinking, love and pushing forward. Was that a conscious decision at the beginning?

Well it was more of getting as many different beats and writing about different themes. It basically just came together on its own.

Since this is an EP with only 7 (or 8 on some versions) songs, is there a full length album in the works or on the horizon? Was there a specific plan in place for going with an EP first?

I am always working on my music. There will always be more to come and I hope it’s ready as soon as 2013

I know this is like picking a favorite child but, which song are you most proud of? Which is most fun to perform live?

My favorite song is Tidal Wave….because of it’s originality. I was able to express what it's like on the road when you're working hard for you're dream

“Rockin' With You” is my surprise favorite song from I'm Right Here – Was this an idea you'd already had or was it written and you added the hooks/verses?

The idea was Claude Kelly's. He brought it to me and I was able to collaborate and add my own flavor and writing to it.

When I spoke with you in July you told me you couldn't perform a song you weren't connected to, is that why you write the verses and choruses, so you have a personal involvement to the material?

I try to find something to connect with in all songs I sing. It’s more difficult if I didn’t write it, but I bring the same passion and intensity to everything I do

Will there be extensive touring with this CD? Any idea when that will happen, if so?

Fo sho, I'm looking to touring 2013. US, UK, Japan, New Zealand…the possibilities are endless

Lastly, I know you're in constant communication with your fans via your website, Twitter and Facebook accounts, is there anything you want to say to your ever-loyal fans who will undoubtedly be reading this with baited breath?

Man... The Fans have been with me since day one and they're the reason I do what I do. Renelians for Life! Love Life Army- March!!!!!! So there you have it, Renelians...Chris loves and appreciates you and in addition to dropping more music your way in 2013 he hopes to travel to the world and making it to a city near you.