Download New Soundgarden "Live To Rise" Free From iTunes

Seattle rockers offer first new song in 15 years as free download...
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Soundgarden Live To Rise Marvel The Avengers Soundtrack Free Download iTunes

Soundgarden Live To Rise Marvel The Avengers Soundtrack Free Download iTunes

Soundgarden has written and recorded their first new song in 15 years and they're offering it as a free download for a limited time through the iTunes Music Store before it shows up on the soundtrack to the upcoming Marvel film The Avengers.

It's not the first time Soundgarden or its frontman Chris Cornell have had their work on soundtracks. Both contributed tracks to the landmark soundtrack album Singles, the Cameron Crowe film from the early '90s that gave a glimpse into what became known as "grunge" culture as well as single life in Seattle. The movie wasn't all that great unless you were trying to spot members of great bands making cameos in it. The soundtrack was the nuts. Cornell has also contributed songs for soundtracks to movies like Great Expectations, Mission:Impossible 2Casino Royale (one of the James Bond films), and Machine Gun Preacher.

Cornell and the band discussed the song and the film assoication with Billboard magazine.

"The hard part of writing a song for a film is it has to act as a Soundgarden song, first and foremost, then obviously, it has to coexist with the film,"said Cornell. He and guitarist Kim Thayil said the song was built from the ground up, rather than being based on previously unfinished work from the band's first stint.

The band has been working on their official reunion album and it's unlikely "Live To Rise" will be on it. None of the material the band has worked on or finished to date seemed like a good fit for the film's soundtrack so they came up with something separate. The release is tentatively scheduled for the fall and after a reunion tour, a live release from their final tour before going their separate ways, and a Cornell solo acoustic live album, Soundgarden fans are more than ready for a complete album of brand new music.

In the meantime, you've got until April 24 to score a free download of this new song "Live To Rise." We'll keep you posted on updates on the recording process of the as-yet titled new album and keep our fingers crossed for something exciting and soon.