Easton Corbin: "I Can't Love You Back" - Easton Corbin

A touching song that hits home...
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Easton Corbin As you can probably tell by reading my album reviews, I am a fan of many genres of music. My main genre tends to be hard rock/metal, but I enjoy music from pop, country, and every once in a while a good rap (but not very often). So as I finished up editing a project the other night, a friend sent me over a YouTube link for a song he really enjoyed called "I Can't Love You Back" by country singer Easton Corbin. At the time it was late at night and I was tired and ready for bed so I wasn't really interested in listening to songs right then, but I figured I would humor him and give an opinion on it. Boy and I glad I did because the instant the opening chords and melodies from the song hit I was transfixed on it.

The only Easton Corbin song I heard before this was "I'm A Little More Country Than That," which is a good ole country tune I enjoyed. It was simple in it's structure, the vocals were fun, and the music was easy to get behind. Easton has a solid voice for country music and I can believe he is a down-to-earth, good ol' country boy. Fast forward to the other night and I am now listening to another of his tracks and really feeling it. On top of that, the video for the song is heartwrenching and so well done and gives a solid perspective on what the song is really about.

On first glance at the chorus you just see a tragic love song:

"Girl, I love you crazy
It comes so easy, after all we had
I could love you with all my heart
But the hardest part is
I just can't love you back"

But if you look closer at the lyrics you can find the true meaning of the words "I just can't love you back". It isn't a song about a guy who has done some girl he "loved" wrong, or a sappy please take me back song. This song is about a guy whose true love, or best friend has left this world and no matter how much he loves/loved them they are not coming back. Verse two spells out so well the struggles that you go through when something like this happens.

"I could write a thousand letters
Call a hundred times a day
Or try to drown my sorrow at the bar
I could go down to the church
Get on my knees and pray
But it still won't change the way things really are
Won't bring you back again"

Having lost a very close loved one I know the sentiment that the artist is trying to get across here. My brother was killed in a car accident at an intersection that was a two-way stop after a four-way stop. For years people tried to get the city to make both intersections four way stops and their failure to do so caused numerous accidents at that intersection and one of them was my brother's. I could have written letters every day to get them to change that stop, and while it probably would save more lives in the future it wouldn't bring my brother back. I could have drowned my sorrows in a bar, but all that would do is harm me. I could turn to God and pray for answers, and while this would probably help me deal with my feelings and saddness, it still wouldn't bring back my brother. I feel these words, and I have lived these words. This song encapsulates the same feelings I had after losing a loved one and that is why I love the song "I Can't Love You Back" by Easton Corbin. There are just times when music can touch you, and for me this is one of those times.