Blinded By Sound Music Television: Visqueen feat. Barrett Martin, Nashville TN

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Remember when we were kids and we could want our MTV and MTV meant Music Television? Seems a long-ass time ago, which means we are all getting old as Hell. I don't know if you caught the story but MTV officially stopped calling itself Music Television a few years back going instead with the three letters. If they don't want to be Music Television anymore, what the hell? I will! So... welcome to Blinded By Sound Music Television. I'm going to scour the 'net, YouTube, and other sites out there on the web daily (or as close to it as I can come) and share some music for us to all watch together.

Today's inaugural installment features Mr. Barrett Martin, whose new record comes out on Tuesday. It also features the fabulous Visqueen, fronted by the amazing Rachel Flotard. The best thing about this video is unfortunately not the quality but the fact I was there when this was recorded at The Basement in Nashville and met them all. Barrett's next record is a return to his special brand of world jazz but it was awfully fun seeing him pound the skins in rock mode, as that's how I came to know of him (Screaming Trees, Mad Season, etc).

Sit back, watch, listen, and enjoy Music Television the way it used to be.