BlindedBySound Music Television: Gillian Welch - "Dear Someone" (Live)

seven times 70 to the power of infinity...
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Gillian Welch

I'm chasing the memories of a hectic Saturday with a lazy Sunday, only now feeling ready to go to work and the first thing on my agenda is my review of the new record for Gillian Welch- well it would be except I can't so much as think about Gillian Welch without listening to "Dear Someone."

I was introduced to Ms. Welch by Brewster, Duke, and Saleski and despite the endorsement of those rogues, it turns out they were exactly right. Gillian Welch has a voice of pure magic. The first record of hers I bought was Time (The Revelator). The first two songs on that disc are good. "Dear Someone" joins a small handful of recordings that have achieved perfection. The lyrics, imagery, emotion, harmony- there's not one thing about the song that could be any better. On a heartbreak scale of one to 10, this one scores seven times 70 to the power of infinity. I thank God I didn't know this song existed when I was miserably single because it's impossible to think of how many nights I would have spent mangling these harmonies with a cigarette in one hand and a drink in the other.

My best friend and loyal sidekick 11 told me of a man who walked out of a Springsteen concert after hearing a cosmic performance of one of Bruce's gems. His reasoning? He decided that moment was as good as anything he could or would ever hear and he was going out on top. He hasn't attended another concert since. I'll be seeing Welch in just over a month and after watching this, I don't know whether I hope she performs this in Huntsville or not because I just don't know if I will make it through.