BlindedBySound Music Television: Matt Schofield - Ear To The Ground

Through the twilight zone and back...
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Matt SchofieldI'm not old enough to have grown up watching The Twilight Zone but I did catch a few episodes in reruns and one that stuck with me is the episode involving a shy bank employee who wanted nothing more than the time to read an ever-expanding list of books that fascinated him. One day while working in the vault, TheBomb drops. Everyone around him dies but he's shielded from the blast by the strength of the vault. He walks around the decimated town and finds the ruins of the town's library and the books have miraculously survived nuclear winter. Just as he's about to experience his heaven-on-earth scenario, he stumbles and breaks his glasses and thus killing his dream.

I think about that episode a lot because while the ever-growing BlindedBySound is not yet the Music Capital of The Internet, I still get a lot of music sent my way by publicists and independent musicians. I do my best to listen to everything sent my way for purposes of the site while also finding time to listen simply for the joy of it all. Like that bank teller, I have a day job. I have a wife, two cats, nieces, nephews, and all the trappings of the modern life that come between me and a desire to sink into a world of endless listening. I suppose when TheBomb goes off, I'll go deaf but that's another story for another day. The point of this one is that while I try to listen to it all, some things fall through the cracks and it kills me.

I'd never heard of British guitarist Matt Schofield when an advance of his Ear To The Ground CD arrived at my house a couple years back. I looked it over, skimmed the bio, and thought it sounded interesting but set it aside. I kept making a mental note to give it a whirl. Time went by. Finally one day I did and while it wasn't a life-changing discovery for me, my ears quickly took notice. This kid can play! Below is a live performance of the title track, which is my favorite on the album. It doesn't quite capture the full energy of the studio recording and even though this is a life performance, the band seems removed a bit from the crowd. No matter. This is a good way for you to hear a strong performance of a really good song.

Schofield released a few records after Ear but his US distribution is such that his CDs aren't readily available here and are a little on the pricey side. I always wanted to check those other discs out but no one sent me any of those and I just never got around to ordering more until I bought his latest CD Anything But Time earlier this month.  I'm still hoping to backfill those other CDs (and it's perfectly fine if someone wants to just send them to me free). In the meantime, I'll keep my ear to the ground and hope I one day have the time and a healthy hearing sense to listen to it all.