BlindedBySound Music Television: Michael Penn - "No Myth"

Music and memories don't have to make sense...
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Talking Heads have a concert film called Stop Making Sense. I'm not a big TH fan but I've always loved that phrase. Welcome to a snapshot into my world.

I don’t know if it was fate or coincidence but the time came when that was the right song for me, but of course the story makes no sense. Most of us who obsess over music inevitably tie songs, bands, and albums to specific memories and sometimes to specific people. In most instances, there's a specific reason for it. There are the love songs and breakup songs, the records we spent listening to in our dorm room with our best friend, the song we heard the first time we met, the album that helped us grieve when we lost someone along the way, and the list goes on. Music and art are inextricably tied to life at its best and worst and all the weird and silly shit in between. There's a reason for it most of the time, except when there isn't.

This song is now linked to a friend and I don't have the first fucking clue why other than it just does. I don't own black jeans and never have- only blue. I don't speak Chinese and I don't think my friend is looking to dance with me. There's just something about the spirit and the vibe in this song and it made a connection between the three of us.

I can't explain it and I'm not going to try. There doesn't have to be a story or a lyrical significance; I'm going to stop making sense. The only thing that needs to be said is if I'm listening to this song, I'm thinking about you.