BlindedBySound Music Television: Moreland & Arbuckle - "Purgatory"

The first single from the band's upcoming CD 'Just A Dream'
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Moreland & Arbuckle - Just A Dream - Purgatory Video

We told you yesterday about Just A Dream, the upcoming record from roots-rockers Moreland & Arbuckle. Today we're going to do more than talk about it, we're going to watch and listen to the first single from the record, "Purgatory."

One of the coolest things about this video is getting to see Aaron Moreland's custom guitar. You really have to check this thing out; it's a handcrafted four-string instrument, with the strings stretched across a cigar box. One bass string feeds into a bass amp, the other three guitar strings feed into a guitar amp. It's one of those things that shouldn't work but it does and you have to see it in action.

As for "Purgatory," it opens with a sinister bit of riffing from Moreland and boasts a couple sweet solos. Vocalist Dustin Arbuckle fires off a huge blast of distorted harp that rocks hard, while Moreland slips in a little dirty slide work. There's a lot of distortion, fuzz, and rawness that runs throughout the song with some organ mixed subtly in the background for atmosphere.

Arbuckle doesn't quite match the sinister intentions of the lyrics and riff with his vocal, particularly early on. It's restrained, a bit too much. He's singing it, not feeling it. The overdubbed harmony vocal in the refrain improves things but there's still something missing. If he sang with the kind of fire he rains down with his harp, this song would have been monstrous and badass. Instead, it's a very good tune with some strong playing.

Just A Dream will be released August 23 from Telarc Records.