BlindedBySound Music Television: The National - "Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks" - Ryman Auditorium, Nashville 2010

Reliving one of the great concert experiences of my life...
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The National

The irony of the new BlindedBySound Music Television features is that I've long had a disdain for YouTube, mostly because all anyone did was put stupid shit up there and people would constantly tell me I needed to see this or needed to see that under the guise of being funny, which it never fucking was. I've done a partial about face or put another way: "Man I was mean but I'm changing my scene and I'm doing the best that I can..."

One of the great things about YouTube that I've discovered is the chance to re-live moments. The first edition of our series was Visqueen featuring Barrett Martin at a show I attended in Nashville. Today we're going to watch something that remains one of the most memorable, moving live concert experiences I've witnessed first hand...

For those of you that don't know, Ryman Auditorium is a National Landmark and National Treasure. It was home to the Grand Ole Opery in Nashville and the number of people who have played this beautiful room is staggering. The acoustics in this place are about as perfect as anywhere I've ever been. I often refer to Ryman as "God's favorite room." The National got that message. Before their show last fall, they looked around the place and were taken by the ghosts and spirits and the asethetic of the place and they decided to do something retro and wonderful; they unplugged, completely, for the final song of the night. No microphones. No amplifiers. They came to the front of the stage, turned the house lights on, and created a moving, communal experience and allowed the amazing architecture of God's Favorite Room to carry the sound throughout the house and that's exactly what it did. No matter how many more shows I see before I check out, this show and this moment will stick with me and thanks to smartphones and YouTube, you can re-live the magic.