BlindedBySound Music Television: U2|The Wanderer|Nashville

Only the second time this has been played at a U2 show, and I got to hear it...
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U2 - 360 - Nashville

I hadn't intended to go back to the U2 well again this quickly in our daily devotion to music video but I'm pretty excited about what happened in Nashville and really excited that, like with The National and "Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks" at the Ryman, someone had a phonecam handy and captured the moment.

Even if you don't love U2 or "The Wanderer" as much as I do, it's pretty amazing to hear a band of their stature play a song they've only played one other time. It's the type of thing obsessive geeks like me… obsess over. I know it's petty to lord this over fans that have gone to more shows. The rarity of the moment shouldn't make me enjoy it more, and yet it does- a little. Zooropa is one of my favorite U2 records and "The Wanderer" is among my favorite songs on it. I'd have been happy to hear a favorite song like this even if they played it every night of this leg of the 360 tour, but they haven't and I'm sorry but I'm unapologetic in my glee.

Through the magic of YouTube and the U2 360 Fan Cam, I'd like you to join me in my TimeMachine. Let's all go back to last Saturday night in Nashville, TN. You can see me sitting in my seat and you can hear Bono summoning the spirit of Johnny Cash, who sang "The Wanderer" on the Zooropa record. Join me and relive one of the most exciting parts of one of the most exciting nights of my life