Coldplay Unveil Video For "Magic," 'Ghost Stories' Due May 19

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Coldplay has released a video for "Magic," the first song from their forthcoming record Ghost Stories, due in stores May 19.

Coldplay's last record Mylo Xyloto was reviewed by our amigos 11 and J Newcastle, both of whom liked it but with some reservations. I also enjoyed it... a little. I liked MX but it suffered from two flaws: it wasn't Viva La Vida (the masterpiece that preceded it) and too many songs sounded like it wanted to be Viva.

B1XZ-kHMWFS._SY470_.jpgI have a good feeling about Ghost Stories. I believe they're ready to venture off in a different direction while staying true to the sonic identity they've established since their brilliant debut Parachutes (which remains my favorite Coldplay record). I'm ready for this one, kids.

I don't wish pain or tumult in the lives of the artists I love (or anyone else, for that matter) but one must wonder if the coming end of frontman Chris Martin's marriage to well-known gawky bird Gwynneth Paltrow had any influence on the album. No, I'm not suggesting he's written a breakup record (although it's possible under the banner of the title Ghost Stories). Martin can be self-indulgent but I don't get a sense he'll get annoyed enough by people trying to make that connection that he won't so very much want to be explicit about it in the lyrics. No, my guess is any influence that might exist is likely to be his mood and mindset when writing lyrics about, well, other things. Will we hear about a world through the prism of a man separating from his wife? Will we hear from a man consciously not writing from that perspective? I suspect consciously or not we get something of the former. No matter: I'm excited about this one. Check out the video below and tell us what you think!