David Bowie Still Shocking? New Video For 'The Next Day' Causes YouTube Stir

David Bowie has made a career of getting under people's skin and making them uncomfortable...
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David Bowie remains a grand provacateur and bless him for it.

His latest video, the title track from his fantastic new album The Next Day, has received an "Adults-Only" rating from YouTube and was at one point banned from the site altogether. We know Bowie is not afraid to offend. I don't know if it pleases him at this point but, considering he's not going to tour this album (BOO!), I can't help but think he's at least amused by the reaction.

So what has everyone in a dither? Oh, just our hero as a prophet, a little stigmata, priests leering and/or dancing with scantily clad, gyrating women as money changes hands in the background. Oh, and Gary Oldman is in it! Not bad for a stylish, three-minute video.

I don't understand is how this video gets flagged at this point in our culture while other videos seem to sail through. I'm not asking to be the authority on which images are more disturbing than others and what the threshold for outrage should be but "the rules" are about as consistently applied as the strike zone in major league baseball or pass interference in the NFL. The things we choose to care about...

If you want to see the fuss, we've embedded it below. If you're concerened about the visuals, do yourself a favor and check out the song anyway. Bowie's vocal is fiery, the riff snarls, and there are some great turns of phrase and images evoked in the wordplay.