Everything Everything "Don't Try" Video: Michelangelo Meets 'Animal House'

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"Don't Try" is the latest single and video from British quartet Everything Everything off their sophomore effort Arc and it falls well within the messy confines this band calls its sound.

Jonathan Higgs' mannered falsetto can be grating whether he's talk-singing in the verses or yelping in the chorus but just as you're about to turn away, exhausted and irritated, he layers his voice in lovely harmonious textures accompanied by a blast of sound from the band and you've been ensnared by the charming, daft madness of it all.

This is another example of placing the song on the unstable foundation of skittish beats and rhythms juxtaposed with digital squelches and squeals and proper instruments, all of this clashing in a chaotic sonic collage.

The video makes fuckall sense but you get bright colors, people dressed in Renaissance-period costumes seated at a dinner, and a food fight finale. I don't know if they were going for a Michelangelo-meets-Animal House aesthetic but that's what we get and, come to think of it, it's a perfectly logical mashup for Everything Everything.