Gary Clark Jr - "When My Train Comes In (Live)

We hope that train comes in soon...
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Gary Clark JrIt has been far too long since we celebrated the awesomeness that is Gary Clark Jr., our new BlindedBySound hero, and that drought ends today with video footage of Gary in concert I only recently stumbled across.

We haven't stopped listening to him since last we wrote about him. The challenge is finding video footage that's better quality than some schmuck in a bar with an iPhone. It's not that we don't appreciate their effort but some music and performances demand to be seen and heard properly. That's how we feel about our beloved Gary and I'm happy to report I've found footage that does the man and his music justice.

"When My Train Comes In" initially appeared on Clark's Worry No More CD (which is now tragically out of print, something I'll rant about another day). He released a solo acoustic, live performance of it on the Bright Lights EP and if you haven't bought it, you may just be a bad person demonstrating his skill as a singer/songwriter, revealing that his songs can be stripped to the bones and still connect.

Our video for today features Clark and his trio performing "Train" in Hollywood, and this full band version is a harder, more forceful one. That's not to say this is better than the Bright Lights version (and one day I'll find Worry No More and hear that version, too… bet that) but we do get to hear Clark fire off some fantastic guitar leads and that is always a good thing.

I know our gushing may sound a bit silly but we're having fun with it and it comes from a place of genuine joy, excitement, and passion for music from an artist we've recently discovered and believe has a bright future (regardless of whatever commercial success he does or doesn't achieve). When we're not writing about him, we're listening to him.

That's what BBS is all about: sharing our love and passion for music with a community of people who feels the same way. We may be fired by passion for different artists, but that spirit is something we share. Stay tuned to BlindedBySound as we'll continue to scour the 'net in search of high quality performances to share with you until you've joined us as part of the GaryNation.