Gary Clark Jr Makes Albert Collins' "If You Love Me Like You Say" His Own in Boulder, CO

More video from our resident favorite Gary Clark Jr.
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Gary Clark JrWe have proudly proclaimed ourselves members of TeamGary and done our best to make BlindedBySound GaryCentral, so I can't tell you how excited I was to find good video of Clark performing a song we haven't already posted on the site in one form or another.

For reasons I am aware of but don't completely understand, a lot of Clark's music is out of print and that leaves us with his phenomenal Bright Lights EP. We've talked at length about those four songs but I'm hungry to tell you about more of his music (if I can ever get access to it). This live performance of "If You Love Me Like You Say" filmed at FMBQ's Annual Triple A Radio Conference in Boulder, CO earlier this year is just the thing!

There are a trillion give or take guitarists out there with decent chops, particularly in the blues realm but very few are all that creative. Clark is one of the few who has connected with me of late, having both a strong foundation in the blues and enough originality in his work to stand apart.

"If You Love Me Like You Say" is an Albert Collins tune and it stands to reason the Austin-based Clark would find inspiration in Collins, but this is not a by-the-numbers recreation of the late blues giant. Clark makes it his own, bringing his own talent to bear.

The more I hear him sing and play, the more I'm convinced the only thing that stands between Clark and a wider audience is his own immense talent. He has the ability to go so many directions and he can be great in all of them. He doesn't have to limit himself to just one path but he'll have to navigate those many possibilities in a way that allows him to find an audience. He's got the skills to be a bright light for a long time. We may not have found him first he's been a local hero for some time but we're still catching him on his way up and can't wait to hear where he wants to take us over the course of what he hope are many albums and shows.