Johnny Marr Releases "New Town Velocity" Video, Announces 2nd US Tour

Johnny Marr unveils new video and announces 2nd US tour...
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The Lord our God is a gracious and benevolent God as He has seen fit to bestow upon us both a video for my favorite song from Johnny Marr's "debut" solo album The Messenger but also a second, extended run of US tour dates from the former Smiths' guitarist.

"New Town Velocity" is my favorite song on a record with so many good ones. I don't know why but it seems like my favorite song on an album ends up being an afterthought in the minds of the artist and fellow fans so I'm always surprised when something like this happens, where an artist chooses the song I dig most as a single.

Making everything in the universe better, Johnny Marr has shocked the fuck out of me and announced a second, longer run of US dates in support of this album. I can't tell you how shocked I am by this. I can't tell you how shocked I am Nashville made his list of places to play. You shouldn't be shocked when I tell you there's no way my ass will not be in the room when he and his band take the stage. I'm going, kids. I'm going to see the godlike genius that is Johnny Marr in person. It's okay if you want to be me or touch me but remember, I am merely a conduit for the glory.

Here's the video for "New Town Velocity." If you miss it, nobody will ever love you.