Kilborn Alley Blues Band Films Fiery Set At Don Odell's Legends (Video)

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Kilborn Alley Blues Band is in the midst of the East Coast leg of their summer tour and among their stops was a trip to Don Odell's Legends studio where they recorded a blistering 9-song set of songs drawing from throughout their career. Now that I have mastered the art of creating YouTube playlists, I've assembled their entire appearance and placed it below where you can, should, and must watch it.

KABB is still touring in support of their album Four (one of BBS' Albums Of The Year in 2011) and we can't wait for new music from them but in the meantime, we have this pro shot video of them doing what they do best: playing their gritty brand of soul-infused blues and R&B live. They throw several songs from Four into the mix as well as a tracks from Better Off Now (including the Nick Moss-penned "Watch It") and Tear Chicago Down.

If you haven't listened to Andrew Duncanson sing, you are missing out! Soul singers are a dime a dozen and most of them are overpriced. What sets Duncanson apart his how effortless he makes it look and sound. He's a natural and it is so much more powerful to hear someone who can step to the mic and let it flow rather than relying on tricks and melisma to get their point across. You put that voice on top of interlocked guitar of Josh Himmel and Duncanson and the groove machine of bassist Chris Breen and drummer Ed O'Hara and you've got something very special.

Here is the playlist running order. Sit back, turn it up loud, and prepare to have your face melted:

  1. Can I Get A Hello
  2. Redneck In A Soul Band
  3. 22nd Street
  4. Couple Of Days
  5. The Breakaway
  6. Fast Heartbeat
  7. Watch It
  8. Better Off Now
  9. Wandering