Lake Street Dive - Clear A Space (Live) (Video)

Consider this an apology for and down payment on a delinquent review...
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There exists on my hard drive a half-finished review of Lake Street Dive's Bad Self Portraits, an album that would have landed on my Best of 2014 had I actually gotten around to writing it. It's clear, dear readers, I've been M.I.A. from Blinded By Sound for a little while. There are good reasons for that. Laziness, for example.

One of our writers sent me on assignment to see Lake Street Dive back in October of last year and that's where I first heard this song from their Fun Machine EP. That EP is five covers and this orignal. The studio version is fantastic. It was great live in Nashville and this version is also a great listen.

I'm posting this today as something of a public reminder to go back and finish what I've started with that review. I hope that happens. I'm trying to once again make sawdust. If not, well, at least we've talked about this fantastic quartet and you know how much I thought of that record and I hope you'll go check it out on your own.