Nick Moss Band Torches Callahan's With Killer Cover Of Otis Rush's "Right Place, Wrong Time"

Nick Moss and Michael Ledbetter prove up to the task of covering one of Otis Rush's best...
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Historians will one day ask what my favorite blues album of all time is and when they do, kindly direct them to this post because the answer is Right Place, Wrong Time by Otis Rush.

Nick Moss is one of my favorite blues artists and guitarists and he and his amazing band took on the title track from that classic album at their recent appearance at Callahan's. Moss' rhythm guitarist Michael Ledbetter takes lead vocals on the track and gives such a soulful performance on this amazing song. Moss is at the peak of his game with his blazing lead guitar work, backed by rock solid rhythm work. 

It's not always a given that one favorite artist covering another favorite artist is going to work but when it does, it looks an awful lot like this. Take a few minutes and watch for yourself.