Noel Gallagher - "The Death Of You And Me" (Official Video)

Another big moment in a decade-plus long wait...
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Noel Gallagher - The Death Of You And MeWell it wasn't even a question what today's BlindedBySound Music Television was going to be then, was it?

You people don't understand- I have been waiting for a Noel Gallagher solo record for more than a decade. Before iPods, I was making mix tapes of Oasis b-sides to create the Noel Gallagher solo album. I was doing it with CD burners back when they spun at 2x. I've made dozens of Noel-only playlists since that glorious day God smiled upon us and sent Moses down the mountain carrying not a stone tablet but an iPod.

Today we have the official release of the first single from Noel's solo debut. The song is called "The Death Of You And Me" and the album is Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds.

I've been listening to and watching the video all morning. Because we've had so many Noel-sung A and B-sides from his time in Oasis, we have a bit of sample size to work from when it comes to imagining what a Noel record might sound like. Add to that most of Oasis' best material was written by Noel even if Liam sang it and we can start doing some detective work. "The Death Of You And Me" is comfortably within that framework.

If I were to give listeners an Oasis point of reference, it would be "The Importance of Being Idle." The song opens with an acoustic guitar figure, reminsicent of so many Gallagher B-sides but before the song ends, some of the whimsy of "Idle" works its way into the sound. A ramshackle blast of horns becomes part of the sonic palette and we're reminded that Gallagher has a brilliant wit and a musical sense of humor as well. Who the hell else would choose as a first single from a debut solo record a tune called "The Death Of You And Me"? Who else would write and release something like that shortly after getting married?

My enthusiasm for High Flying Birds has only grown with the release of this video. You can bet your ass I'll be listening to it regularly while we wait for the full record to emerge in October.