Patrick Sweany Unveils Official Video "Every Night Every Day"

Blues-rock done right... oh, so right...
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Patrick Sweany is the latest artist to add his name to the esteemed Josh Hathaway's New Musical Obsession List. I nearly had to pull over to the side of the road when I heard "Them Shoes" for the first time last month. I did what I always do when something hits me like that and began exhaustively researching his bio and discography, leading me to the happy news Mr. Sweany was playing Music City Roots in Nashville at Loveless Cafe, a very cool event and venue. He played a 4-song mini set but that was enough to send me home with a copy of each title he had on sale and an Amazon order for his 2013 release Close To The Floor.

I love the blues, I love rock, but Mr. Miyagi explains the perils of blues-rock and why it so often fails: "Walk left side, safe. Walk right side, safe. Walk middle, sooner or later...get squish just like grape." Blues is badass, rock is badass, blues-rock can work but too often you're left with the sonic equivalent of roadkill: an uninspired imitation of the blues idiom played at rock volume, freed from feel and groove.

"Every Night Every Day" is from that most recent album and it now has a video and I politely command you all to watch, and most importantly, listen as this is a fantastic example of what I love about Sweany's music. The feel here is fantastic; it's so raw but the real power comes from the restraint, something you can hear in the opening notes. Sweany eases into the song, creating tension by entering hesitantly. His singing and playing burst with intensity but without boosting the volume or degenerating into tedious six-string shredding.

Turn it up. Feel the burn. Mr. Miyagi would approve.