Rhett Miller - "I Need to Know Where I Stand" (Live) | Orlando, FL

Video of Rhett Miller from the Old 97's March tour in support of the Grande Theater Volume One
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Rhett MillerThis little gem was captured by my iPhone at the Old 97s show in Orlando, FL last March. The theater they were playing is also a playhouse - and apparently there are props back stage. Rhett came out for encore in a scarf and hat, opting to remove the hat but keep the scarf for his acoustic version of my favorite of all the Rhett Miller solo songs "I Need to Know Where I Stand."

Lyrically Miller is a genius. It's like he's a walking rhyming thesaurus. I bet he dominates at Words With Friends. 

Quiet in the kitchen of a Cracker Jack box in the Hamlet of Wallkill

I miss you so much that it hurts me to talk

Yet you're standing right in front of me still