Screaming Trees - "Nearly Lost You" (Video) | A Beginning, Middle, & End

This is where we came in...
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Back to where it all began. Sort of. Okay, not really.

Screaming TreesScreaming Trees had made several records before Sweet Oblivion but that album and the single "Nearly Lost You" is where most of us got our introduction to them. I lived in the Seattle area prior to their breakthrough and if I'm not mistaken had friends who were into them. I knew the name but not much else as I was pretty entrenched into my hair and glam metal phase with only a few exceptions. Then Nirvana hits the scene and everything changes forever. Except that it didn't. Not really.

This past week, Screaming Trees released what will likely be the final entry to their canon of work. These are the last 10 songs they recorded together so barring a discovery of live archival footage or demos, this is going to be it. Last Words is a great record filled with all the things I loved so much about them.

In honor of the final chapter of one of my favorite bands, I decided to revisit the video and song that first brought me to them. It's the circle of life, kids! It's a great vocal from Lanegan, the swirling guitars over a thick riff, and some exotic rhythms pounded out by Barrett Martin. It didn't matter to me they were rarely this catchy because I loved what they did, but this is a hell of a single for a band that rarely bothered with that sort of thing.

As it begins so too it ends. Thanks to the Marks (Lanegan and Pickerel), Connors (Gary Lee and Van), Barrett Martin (love the hair in the video, brother!), and Josh Homme.