Sebastian Bach and Rob Affuso - "I Remember You" (Live) | Together Again

Hello 1990, nice to see you.
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Sebastian Bach’s latest solo project “Kicking And Screaming” comes out next month, and that fact has been fairly well covered by us at Blinded By Sound and the extreme excitement it’s causing for me has been very thinly veiled, or maybe not veiled at all. As I was scouring the interwebs for more Sebastian Bach goodness to satiate my appetite and addiction, I came across this picture and caption on his Facebook page (don’t judge me):


 “Just had dinner with Rob Affuso the Original Drummer of Skid Row! Great times catching up with my long time buddy! Could there be a special jam this evening in Poughkeepsie? Hmmm we shall see.”  In Sebastian Bach-speak this is as good as a sure thing. Man cannot be vague or keep a secret to save his life, and I love him for it.

Anticipating the sure thing, I Googled “Rob Affuso plays with Sebastian Bach” and what came up in the results was a 7 minute fan-filmed video.

Rob and Bas played “I Remember You” together for I would guess the first time in almost 20 years, and Bas seemed pretty pumped and excited over the whole thing. He also managed to bag on the other members of his former band which always amuses me to no end. To introduce Rob he said, “ Do we have any Skid Row fans tonight? Maybe you guys don't know this, but the original drummer from the original Skid Row is from Poughkeepsie, New York…Ladies and gentleman, Mr. Rob Affuso. . .Would you guys mind if we had a little mini-reunion here tonight? You know, the band that calls themselves Skid Row only has two fucking guys from Skid Row. So tonight, the Sebastian Bach band has two guys from Skid Row in it…”

It’s not the best video, but the audio is pretty solid, I was excited to see them together and it made me wish they would all just suck it up and get together one more time, for me. Until then, here’s 2/5 of the original Skid Row.