See Florence And The Machine "Lover To Lover" Video

She's not quite done promoting her brilliant 2011 sophomore effort 'Ceremonials'
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Florence + The Machine - Lover To Lover - Video - Florence WelchIt's been awhile since we checked in with Florence + The Machine and it's because I thought she was poised to wrap up the promotion cycle for her fantastic 2011 album Ceremonials -- a cycle that saw her perform on Simon Cowell's US X Factor, Saturday Night Live, and release an MTV Unplugged performance -- but it seems I was wrong.

Flo has just released a new video for "Lover To Lover" and is issuing a single as she continues to play shows in support of the album throughout Europe this month. She also found time to join The Rolling Stones on stage at one of their 50th Anniversary shows in London.

"Lover To Lover" has never been my favorite song on Ceremonials but rates among its better. It may fare well on UK radio but it never struck me as a song that screamed to be a single.

The video doesn't serve the song particularly well because I just can't imagine our Florence shacking up with the mook in this montage and I sure as hell can't fathom why she'd be so damn tore up about hitting the door. I know: two points for shallowness. We are treated to the dramatic image of her walking towards roaring ocean waves and prancing before an altar of possessions she'd set on fire. Noted video connoisseurs Beavis & Butt-Head would surely approve of that (yeah, that's another two points for me) and it certainly brings more melodrama to a song filled with it.

It's a great track but the video doesn't bring some of the more provocative visuals we've seen for some of her previous songs.

As for those tour dates, she has a couple shows in Germany before a two-night stand in London. She wraps the tour with shows in Liverpool in Dublin before presumably taking the rest of 2012 off for Christmas. Will she be back on the road next year or is she heading to the studio for album #3? We'll keep our eyes open and let you know when we know more. In the mean time, enjoy this latest video and catch The Machine if you can!

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