See The Lone Bellow Perform "Green Eyes And A Heart Of Gold" on VH-1

Getting excited about seeing The Lone Bellow for the first time on Thursday...
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Thursday is going to be a big day for me, amigos. It's payday and I'm hitting the 'Ham to see The Lone Bellow at Workplay Theater. I've heard such good things about this venue but have yet to see a show there. I've more than heard good things about The Lone Bellow, I've said them. This will be my first chance to see this trio live and excited doesn't even begin to describe it. Their self-titled debut is one my most listened to albums of 2013 and continues to reward me each time I play it again, which I do frequently. 

This is a live clip of my first favorite song from the record (there have been many) which also happens to be the first the first track on the record: "Green Eyes & A Heart Of Gold." Give it a listen and then confess your envy knowing I am seeing them live on Thursday and you (probably) aren't.