Spoiler: The National Premiere Songs From 'Trouble Will Find Me' in Berlin

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The National announced their sixth album Trouble Will Find Me is slated for release May 21 and they've started lining up tour dates to support the new album, including a surprise show in Berlin this week that found the band performing titles from the upcoming record. 

TWFM_Cover_3000x3000px_300dpi_RGB.jpgThis isn't the first time the band have roadtested material prior to a record's release and it's not even the first time they've played songs from TWFM but it is the first show they've done since announcing it and we've got videoes of three of the new songs -- "Heavenfaced," "Fireproof," "Graceless" -- that comprised the band's show.

I'm posting these for those of you who like to have your surprises ruined. I'm bookmarking this page and will come back to it to hear these songs live after the record is released. I want to hear the record, unspoiled. It's tempting to get a tease here and check these out but I'm going to show restraint.

The setlist from the Berlin show was very heavy on TWFM material- 10 of the 14 songs from the set were from the new album with "Fake Empire," "Mr. November," "Bloodbuzz Ohio," and "Terrible Love" being the lone holdovers from previous records.

Here is the full setlist from the band's Berlin performance

  1. Demons
  2. Don't Swallow the Cap
  3. Heavenfaced
  4. Graceless
  5. Fireproof
  6. Slipped
  7. Sea of Love
  8. Humiliation
  9. Pink Rabbits
  10. Bloodbuzz Ohio
  11. Fake Empire
  12. I Should Live In Salt
  13. Mr. November
  14. Terrible Love