Switchfoot "Restless" Video: Not The 1%, Not the 99

Get busy living or get busy dying...
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SwitchfootPink Floyd famously bemoaned "ticking away the moments that make up the dull day" in their classic "Money" from Dark Side Of The Moon, and it's a feeling we all identify with to varying degrees of frequency.

Some of that is a byproduct of the well-intentioned lie we tell children, that they can be anything they want and achieve their dreams if they work hard enough. We mean well but we're setting the kids up for the same disappointment many of us live, until we figure out what we really meant to say: the world is big and filled with possibilities and there's a place for you in it. There's no room for me on the roster of the Oakland Raiders but there is somewhere I belong. The first trick is to find it, the second to know it when I see it. Enter Switchfoot.

"Restless," from Vice Verses, is about the search. Foreman's search is a personal journey and he sings of being restless, searching for "you." Maybe he's being literal with his "you" and has someone specific in mind but the song remains the same for all of us.

The "you" could be the search for God in a world of chaos and fear or for love and friendship to ease the pain of loneliness in world of interconnected disconnect.

Maybe the "you" isn't a someone but a something.It could also be the search for significance in a world of 1s and 0s. It could be a search for "the answer," the one thing that gives our life meaning, context, and foundation. Jon Foreman is facing his "Darkness On The Edge Of Town" and he's not restless in his search for the place to make his stand because his restlessness is not passive. He anticipates what it will be like when he finds it but he's not waiting for the world to change on its own or for someone to find it for him.

I think about the current Occupy Wall Street movement and the idea of restless thousands crying out "We are the 99 percent!" It may be true in socioeconomic statistical terms but I can't help but feel sad. I'm not the 99 percent (and I'm sure as hell not the 1 percent). I'm one lone asshole in a sea full of them, muddling my way through life.. The lesson for me? I need the courage to do more than hope. I need to be restless until I find what I need to stop muddling and start living.