Tesla - "Love Song"

Because a hit is still a hit...
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Everyone likes to think their music is timeless and the best, that their parents' music was shit and whatever comes next will pale in comparison to the here and now. I wasn't quite that bad as a kid. I didn't think all the old stuff was shit but was convinced MY music would last. I grew up on '80s hair metal; I was an idiot.

I look back now and realize hair metal was pretty silly. I'm not sure which embarrasses me more: the look or the songs. But…

I know the genre and era will forever be derided and with good reason but it wasn't all that bad- in fact, it wasn't all bad. There were a few gems that stand up in spite of it all.

We all know Heather is our resident American Idol expert but if Jimmy Iovine is reading this -- and I'm sure he's subscribed to BlindedBySound in the RSS app of his choice -- he can thank me later with generous sums of cash and material gifts. Jimmy, if you get a promising rock vocalist -- male or female -- or even a country-rock vocalist and you want a song they can storm the charts with, here it is.

Tesla - BandTesla was never a household name and are really only famous for their acoustic cover of the '60s classic "Signs," but they offered up one tune from their own catalog that was a minor hit at the time and could be a massive hit again because a hit is a hit.

Do me a favor… I know the point of this BlindedBySound Music Television feature is to actually watch the video but if you've never heard this song, listen with your eyes closed. History tells us we were probably right to throw the baby out with the bathwater when it came to hair metal but we'd all be poorer if this song had never been written. Trixter was a war crime and we are all owed an apology for Bulletboys and Britny Fox but "Love Song" is a classic. This isn't a hair metal song, it's a great song. This is a pop-rock anthem and it's a fucking gem. A hit is still a hit.