Vaudeville Etiquette Issue Promo Trailer for Debut 'Debutantes & Dealers,' Album Due April 15

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One of the many advantages to being me is the occasional opportunity to hear new music before the rest of the world at large. I wouldn't trade that privilege for the world but there is the tiniest downside to it: I can't direct my dear readers and friends to an album when fanboy exuberance overtakes me because the record isn't yet available. I find myself in that situation once again regarding the debut album from Vaudeville Etiquette, Debutantes & Dealers, but I can't be silenced. I am in love with this record, these songs, and this band so I've gone to YouTube in search of ways to share my enthusiasm while we wait for the the release of the album.

I've already shared a little about this band an album and we are fast approaching the official launch and release of the album. It hits stores Apri 15, giving us something positive on a day not often associated with such. If you're one of the lucky ones getting some money back from ol' Uncle Sam, allow me to help you spend a chunk of it. I have here the official trailer for the record. The trailer includes footage featuring album producer Barrett Martin (Screaming Trees, Mad Season, Walking Papers, Tuatara, R.E.M.). Martin not only produced the record but is also distributing it on his independent label.

VE is already playing numerous shows in the Pacific Northwest to promote their debut and if we all do the sensible thing and support this record, we increase the likelihood they'll be able to hit the road and take their amazing music across the nation. Check out the trailer and their appearance on King 5 in Seattle and pre-order your copy of the record. Don't let the TaxMan get you down. April 15 is a good day in 2014 and now you know!