Vaudeville Etiquette Unveil Poignant New Video For "Oh"

Beautiful video, beautiful song, beautiful record...
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Vaudeville Etiquette -- Remember them? They made the record I politely commanded you all to purchase back in April -- is back with a new video from what remains the best debut record I've heard in 2014.

I still love the warmth in Tayler Lynn's voice and how a simple sound can capture what words fail to describe. I love Bradley Laina's harmony vocal and the way mandolin and vibraphone decorate the acoustic guitar strums and melody. There is a gentleness of spirit and sweetness in the song captured in the video shot by Laina. This is all making my day better by at least 27 percent.

Some of you still don't own this record and you should. You really should. Watch the video, listen to the song, and do the right thing.