Walking Papers Relaunch Debut Album, Perform Live For KEXP (Video)

The best kind of Walking Papers you'll ever receive...
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Life is full of second chances and Walking Papers -- Jeff Angell, Barrett Martin, Duff McKagan, Ben Anderson -- have given me one.

Their self-titled debut was released last year and I interviewed Jeff and Barrett about it. I planned to review the record as well but last fall conspired to nearly kill me and I never did. I could have reviewed it at any time but I kicked myself for missing that release window. Guess what, amigos? The album is getting a reboot as the band have signed on with an independent label who is putting some sweat equity into spreading the word about the amazing work these guys are doing. I get a second chance to get my shit together and share my thoughts about a record I've listened to extensively.

In the short meantime while I'm working on that, here is a live, in-studio performance the band gave for KEXP Radio earlier this year. I've embedded the songs individually as well as the entire performance, which includes a brief interview. It's all worth watching and most importantly hearing.

After you listen to these songs you'll want to know Walking Papers' self-titled debut is widely available around the 'net, independent music stores, and the big box chains (iTunes and Best Buy both have expanded, slightly different exclusive versions).