Watch Vaudeville Etiquette Perform "Blood & Bones" From Forthcoming Debut

2014 is the year of Vaudeville Etiquette and that is a win for us all!
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Hear me, all ye with ears, and read the words of this latest epistle, all ye with eyes. I once again carry with me a message of musical salvation for you, the antedote to the dreck what would convince you there is no music worth hearing being created in this 21st century. It is my great pleasure to bring before you the mighty Vaudeville Etiquette. Best you go ahead and convert now as this is the first of what I assure you will be many missives proclaiming their glory. 

VE is the brainchild of Tayler Lynn and Bradley Laina. Their musical mélange may be a little too en vogue these days, this mix of Americana roots and indie folk, but this is not some opportunisitc outfit looking to ride the waves of a trend. This is a band with the chops to play Fleetwood Mac's Rumours in its entirety at one of their shows and the heart to write the 12 wonderful songs on their debut Debutantes & Dealers

Speaking of those 12 wonderful songs, USA Today recently featured VE's first single and the band continues making the rounds to promote it, including this stop on King5 TV in Seattle. "Blood & Bones" is one of my favorites from the record and watching them perform it live like this has me waiting for the day they make a Southern swing so I can take them in myself. There are many things separating VE from the crowded field of new folksters and one of them is groove, which is put on display in this performance. Sander Vinberg's upright bass and Bryce Gourley's drums are going to drag you to the dance floor while you get your folk on and that's a good thing because you can claim it's the sweat making your eyes sting rather than the pedal steel of Matt Teske. 

Vaudville Etiquette will release Debutantes & Dealers debut album April 15 on producer Barrett Martin's Sunyata Records label. Get right with God, amigos: watch this video and yearn for your pre-order of their amazing debut to be delivered to your door (because you are all politely commanded to make said purchase immediately if not sooner).