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We've gotten sporadic again with our loved and beloved Friday We're In Love (With The Cure) piece and I take full responsibility. I've been hiding out in a bit of a funk I've been in denial about, listening to my fair share of The Cure in the meantime, which is what we should all do when the melancholy mood strikes. Robert and company have been keeping their eye on me, specifically Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me and The Top. My next week's pick comes from the latter but today we're discussing "Sugar Girl" off Kiss Me x 3. Because

Friday We're In Love (With The Cure): Burn

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Josh and I like to switch it up sometimes and instead of picking two separate songs, we write on the same one. This week we've selected "Burn" which is best known off 1997's The Crow soundtrack. Personally I think the entire movie should have been set to a score by The Cure. I can't think of a better band to encompass the damp, dark, somber, morose mood of the film, which is exacerbated by the fact the emerging young star Brandon Lee died during filming. HEATHER Driving bass and birdlike screeching start us off on this adventure that quickly amps
Check us out now... two weeks in a row... our weekly feature devoted to the brilliance of The Cure and the way their music has and continues to influence, inspire, and affect us is actually, you know, weekly! I hope I haven't jinxed us. Heather leads us off with another song from Disintegration while I've chosen one of my favorite b-sides. HEATHER I know "Pictures Of You" is supposed to be a sad song but it makes me incredibly happy and peaceful all the while a little wistful and nostalgic. It's a breakup dedication that is poignant, ripe with visuals
My song choice this week may seem like a bit of a throwaway however, this song has more going for it than you might initially think. "Lovesong" was first released almost exactly 24 years ago, I remember hearing it on the radio and being captivated. The music was the usual somber fare, and the driving guitar, pleasing keyboard and more succinct, clear vocal delivery was a nice contrast. Overall the album it appeared on, Disintegration was a dark, depressing collection of gorgeous tunes. "Lovesong" gave it enough balance to avoid the record being dismissed as depressing, gothic fodder. "Lovesong" was
Okay, so we missed a week... we are getting better, though, at making our weekly love letter to The Cure, you know, weeky... HEATHER This week's song for Friday We're In Love (With The Cure) comes courtesy of 1987's Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me. Which subsequently helped put our beloved band on the mainstream map in America, becoming their first album to reach the Billboard Top 40. I chose "Torture" because the song title alone covers most areas of my life right now without even getting into the lyrics. My daily grind job has been a source of torture
We had to put our beloved weekly series devoted to the awesomeness of The Cure on hiatus but we're back! Heather and I hope we can bring you reflections on and memories inspired by the brilliance of The Cure. We've gotten so much great feedback and response to the entries we've written together so far. It makes us happy to know so many of you share our love for this fantastic band and we hope you'll continue to read, comment, and share them. Heather leads us off... HEATHER ''How did we get this far apart We used to be so
It's been exciting to see how many Cure fans remain among us as this series, since its start, has become one of the most popular features at BlindedBySound. When I named our series Friday We're In Love (With The Cure), I thought of it in terms of the love for this band their music shared by Heather and I. Now I realize it has a broader significance: there are many of us who loved them when we first head them years ago and continue to listen and cherish the songs they've brought to us. Once again, we are doing something

Friday We're In Love (With The Cure): From "100 Days" To "A Night Like This"

Reaching back to the early days for two Cure gems...
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We had a brief hiatus from our weekly love letter to The Cure but Heather and I are back! Our last installment found us both choosing songs from the timeless classic Disintegration. This week, we reach further back into this legendary band’s discography. Heather leads us off with the dreamlike “A Night Like This” and I tapped “One Hundred Days.” HEATHER The Cure cover loss, love, entanglement, wanting and needing better than any band that I can conjure up even with great effort. “A Night Like This” from 1985’s The Head On The Door proves this point further with lines

Friday We're In Love (With The Cure): Memories Of Lust, Loneliness From Masterpiece Album 'Disintegration'

"Disintegration" and "Fascination Street" take us back...
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It's purely coincidental that this week's edition of Friday We're In Love (With The Cure) finds us both mining the masterpice Disintegration, each of us finding our own memories attached to the magic of its songs. This week, Heather responds to the title track while I go strolling down "Fascination Street." HEATHER It had to be done and I finally did it for this week's Friday We're In Love (With The Cure) installment. I went with most everyone's first and favorite Cure album, Disintegration and the song by the same name. A bit of an obvious choice but, I'm in
Welcome to the new, improved and relaunched BlindedBySound and the resumption of our weekly series Friday We're In Love (With The Cure), a weekly devotional to one of our all-time favorite bands! HEATHER For this week's installment of "Friday We're In Love (With The Cure)" I picked my song quickly, wrote it up deftly. and was quite pleased with myself until my ride home from work last night and the song I ultimately chose came on my Spotify and I knew the other song was getting the back shelf treatment. It's no secret that I love, adore, worship and idolize

Friday We're In Love (With The Cure): "High" (1992)

A special one-song edition of "Friday We're In Love (With The Cure)" looks back on a sometimes-overlooked classic from the '90s
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Continuing our "Friday We're In Love (With The Cure)" series Josh and I decided to switch things up just a little and instead of picking two different songs we're writing on the same song which I picked as a special song close to my heart for silly and not so silly reasons. "High" was the first single from the album Wish and I have so many vivid memories from not only this song but, the album itself. The interestingly weird artwork that looks deceptively simple at first glance is still one of the coolest covers I've ever seen. This album

Friday We're In Love (With The Cure): Just Like Heaven / A Forest

The first installment of a weekly love letter to The Cure...
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The genesis for "Friday We're In Love (With The Cure)" started when Heather tagged me in a tweet about Spotify queueing up "Burn" by The Cure, which inspired Hornby-esque banter wherein we tried to compile our respective Top 10 Favorite Cure Songs Of All-Time. We both love High Fidelity and thought it would be fun to compile, compare, and share the list with all of you but we couldn't cut the conversation. That failure could have been a dead end but it inspired something even better. If you can't stop at 10, don't! So we kept listing songs and gushing