Half Smiths Reunion: Johnny Marr Teams Up With Former Bandmate on "How Soon Is Now?"

It's not the pairing some would hope for but for one night, two members of The Smiths team up to play a classic.
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It's not the pairing some would hope for but Johnny Marr reunited with one of his former Smiths bandmates for a performance of the band's classic "How Soon Is Now?" as Marr brought to a close his tour in support of his solo album The Messenger.

120406-johnny-marr-2.pngNo, kids, it wasn't Morrissey, whose US tour was abrupltly ended when the singer experienced a host of health problems but was instead bassist Andy Rourke, a man Marr lauded as one of the best musicians he knows and one of his best friends. 

A full Smiths reunion is never going to happen and fans are never going to abandon hope that it will but in the meantime we have this one night, partial roundup. It's awfully odd hearing someone other than Morrissey sing this. Marr is a more than capable vocalist and does an effective job in this performance but no one can sing The Smiths like Moz just as no guitarist who tours with Moz can play those riffs the way Marr does. It would be brilliant if the four members could take the stage and have it be as amazing as it was the first time for those of us who missed out but these things rarely live up so we'll have to satisfy ourselves with memory, legacy, and moments like this.

Check out the video of Marr and Rourke playing "How Soon Is Now?" and if you haven't checked out Marr's The Messenger, you're missing out on one of the year's best.