Hit Parade: Iggy Azalea featuring Charlie XCX - "Fancy"

The fun summer jam potential is slightly limited by Iggy declaring that she's still in the murder bidness...
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Talk of the "song of the summer" is beginning, and it wasn't likely that the smooth, soulful tones of John Legend were going to be ruling the day at barbeques and pool parties and box socials and whatever the kids are up to these days. Now, there is a new song atop the charts, "Fancy" by Iggy Azalea featuring Charlie XCX.

Now, if you have read Hit Parade with any regularity, you know how things go with me and the pop music. Generally, I have little, if any, knowledge or experience with these artists. I'm too busy making knowing references to The Shaggs like the insufferable guy I am. However, I actually have a degree of familiarity with both of these artists, perhaps more than the average person before "Fancy" hit the top of the charts.

A little while back, there was a sudden boon in young female rappers, particularly white ones. You had your Kreayshawns and your Kitty Prydes, and also your Iggy Azalea's. There was also Azelia Banks, though she is not white. Also, she's British. I took a bit of time to listen to some of these musicians, although I don't recall if I actually ended up listening to Iggy. I also know one of these rappers and Banks got in some big time feud on the interwebs. It stemmed from one of these white rappers referring to themselves as a plantation owner or an overseer or something, which, you know, is not cool. I think it may have been Azalea, but I am not certain. I like to remain willfully obtuse about these artists when I head into writing an article and listening to a song, so I'll check in on that after I actually get done with my thoughts on "Fancy." Stay tuned.

As for Charlie XCX, I actually read a whole piece about her on Grantland, and she wrote "I Love It" which was given to Icona Pop, so she's already good in my book. I love that song. Also, I actually heard a bit of "Fancy" on Late Night with Seth Myers already. I also turned it off because I wasn't really feeling it, but I will listen to it all this time. Part of the problem was that they were going with a dumb, bullshit classroom aesthetic and portraying "bad girls" or some such nonsense. Charlie XCX always has that school girl look going on anyway. You two are adults. Knock it off.

You know, I think this song's fun summer jam potential is slightly limited by Iggy declaring that she's still in the murder bidness. She's also bringing '88 back, which is something I feel like every rapper declares. At least, Das Racist declared that, but alas they failed to do so. While I like Azalea's flow, and there is a swagger to her performance and lyrics I appreciate, I feel like overall her lyrics are pretty lackluster. Additionally, Charlie XCX's hook is both incongruous and awful. The beat for Azalea's parts is really enjoyable, and then Charlie jumps on and everything goes south. Then she starts singing about trashing hotels and getting drunk off the minibar and it feels silly. Of course, this is the stuff that may make it a summer jam.

Oh yeah, Azalea did indeed refer to herself as a "runaway slave master" in a song. Also, did you know she's Australian? Anyway, I won't mind if I find myself hearing "Fancy" again, but I definitely won't seek it out. I'll stick to "I Love It" for my Charlie XCX fix, thank you very much.